Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Musicological Michael Jackson

Your loyal hosts here at Musicology Matters would like to propose a sort of blog colloquium. The subject is Michael Jackson. The importance of Jackson, to those of us who care about music in the late twentieth century, is difficult to overstate. Few other figures have been at the center of so many fundamental changes in our relationship with popular music.

So although a surge of actual musicological scholarship on Michael Jackson, of the published, tenure-gettin' kind is no doubt lurking in the near future, it seems worthwhile to get some preliminary thoughts out there, informed (hopefully) by the critical thinking and analytical detail that musicology ideally might be able to offer to the discussion. For examples of what we mean, see excellent recent blog posts by Jason King and Ryan Banagale.

We're aiming for a post a day, from ourselves and from some friends, continuing until we run out. If you're interested in contributing something yourself, get in touch! Or, write it on your own blog, and we'll link.


rrb said...

This is a great idea, Phil. I'm down for at least another post or two.
Since you didn't provide a link to your stellar post on MJ's dancing, I'll put it here:

Jessica in NC said...

can someone please give me all of the names of Michael Jackson's albums/cd's please. thank you Jessica in NC