Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Critical Intimacy and Web 2.0 Authority

For those of you who don't frequent wayne&wax, check out this excellent post about critical distance/intimacy w/r/t the new cumbia. I don't know anyone else on the musiblogosphere who so virtuosically integrates his own creative work with web2.0. Even though I thought the meme died a few months ago, the topic of intimacy with ones work is still alive and well. [Just check out the comments section of my initial foray into this quagmire!]

And for a related thread, Ryan at amusicology opens a discussion on the authority (read "legitimacy") of using such unstable sources as youtube for research and academic work. It turns out that many of our colleagues are uncomfortable with how to cite such information in our work when we would ideally use CDs and DVDs and know all the facts surrounding the originary musical event? I applaud his call for a "millenial musicology." Seriously. I add the following for all the naysayers of "millenial (ethno)musicology": in this climate of musiblogging, is such a question appropriate when DVDs and CDs of many of the most exciting tracks and videos out there exist solely for a web2.0 context? More to the point, the very instability of youtube's records can in itself be a great source of discourse and debate – the very stuff that feeds so many of our heads.

Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. I do have a wedding to be planning, you know...

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